Locked Away…..

So small and sensitive,
A place of my own,
A key to a cage,
Storing my heart,
Protecting me from pain,
Locked away in a faraway place.

Nobody to help,
To reach this place,
I have a key,
But there’s nobody there,
To open my heart,
To see my feelings.

The place is at the end,
Of a long and dreary path,
Hard and bumpy,
To my faraway place,
Everyone hurts me,
And the place becomes much further,
Forever locked away.

Written in 1991

Reflection by me….It is hard to believe that something written over 20 years ago can be so relevant to what my life became, and at times still is. Seeing how much I was hurting back then, I can only wonder what my life would have become if people saw the signs, and I was treated as I should have been. My soul mate has the key to the cage where my heart is stored, he has managed to unlock it, and let himself into my heart and my life, but that key soon locks the door when I am away from my soul mate dealing with life, reality on my own.


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